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Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 06:00 pm
So. I'm resurrecting that meme from a while back of all the in progress things you have going on. Because I feel like I've been writing stuff, but really I've been thinking about the stories and then adding a couple words here and there to a dozen stories at once.

Now for the fun twist - if you see something you want to read more of, tell me in comments and I'll work on more tonight and post it.

Short stuff in progress
The Dragon Age stuff

post-Awakenings, Cousland Warden: Alistair arrives with more recruits (Anders POV)
Origins, Ian Tabris: Camp with Sten and Alistair
Awakenings, Ian Tabris: Dear Zev
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Advisors Council (Cullen POV)
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Recruits (Cullen POV)
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: In Sera's Wake
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Iron Bull and the Chargers
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Aftermath of the dreadnought run
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Exalted Plains with Bull and Dorian
Inquisition, Danielle Trevelyan: Ian and Zevran arrive
The Inquisition Job, Leverage crossover: Joining the Inquisition

Teen Wolf

Werewolf!Sheriff #5: Constructive Interference, or Derek gets a job

dark!Merlin/Arthur non-con sequel to Look Into the Light

Long stuff in progress
Teen Wolf
Excerpt from the giant Derek builds a pack story that's currently stalled

The 100/Teen Wolf
Excerpt from the giant fusion crossover where the 100 kids crash into Laura Hale's territory

These are all the ones that feel active. I have a few half-formed ideas for Sense8 (Will and Wolfgang taking care of each other was the one that stuck in my head), and Black Sails (I want all the post-s4 John/Madi reconciliation fic but I don't want to write it), and Yuri on Ice domestic fluff (that other people have already written so), and some older long stories (Merlin) and short stories (Leverage) that have kind of been backburnered off my radar, but I'm willing to talk ideas too. Basically, I just want to talk story ideas even if they never come to anything, and I might just start talking of all the fic that never was or has yet to be anyway.

Friday, July 14th, 2017 05:02 pm

Last weekend I made rich man's brioche and regular wheat/white sandwich bread. The brioche had to sit in the fridge and then I had to wait an extra day when I didn't have time to finish it Monday so I made the sandwich bread for the week too. Also, let's be real, I needed to make bread that didn't have 2 cups of butter in it. OMG so much butter! The dough for the brioche was really squishy because it was mostly butter. It came out pretty well. I lost a little air when I put the egg wash on a little late in the rising process. After a couple days, they really need jam to go with them, though since it's gotten a little dry.

I think I'm going to skip the next recipe in the book because it's an Italian version of brioche and move on to Challah.

I've got to say that the AO3's History and Mark for Later functions have made cross-device browsing and remember what I've read so much easier. Two recs this week.

Inquisition, Indiana (109551 words) by Paperclippe
Chapters: 62/62
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Cullen Rutherford/Original Character(s)
Summary: "Eleanor was painting her house when the sky opened up." When a Breach opened on Eleanor's Indiana farm, everything changed. Now she must lead forces on her side of the Breach to help stop a threat no one suspected could ever occur on Earth. Are her mind - and her heart - strong enough?

Why I loved it: I was not expecting to love this. It's a reversal of the trope so the Inquisition ends up in our world on a farm in our Indiana where our Modern Girl lives. But it's well written with a nice plot and the OC is well done as Cullen and their romance. I think what I live about it is we get to see the characters we're familiar with - Dorian and Varric are also featured - adapting to our world instead of the other way around, which I found quite refreshing.

Scars and Love series (first story below, but I'm reccing all of them)
Scars and Healing (11950 words) by RedHawkeRevolver
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Dragon Age - All Media Types, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Female Inquisitor/Cullen Rutherford, Cullen Rutherford/Female Trevelyan
Series: Part 1 of Scars and Love
Summary: Cullen has many, and Evelyn loves them all even as she does her best to try and erase the ones he keeps hidden.

Why I loved it: This hits all my buttons. Nice, well written love story, smoking hot sex, and competent and fleshed out Inquisitor and Cullen.

Actually, I pretty much read everything DA that RedHawkeRevolver wrote and it's all good. The one below was another favorite of hers.

Used (29874 words) by RedHawkeRevolver
Chapters: 15/15
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Female Mage Inquisitor/Cullen Rutherford, Cullen Rutherford/Female Trevelyan,
Additional Tags: Angst, Self-Harm, Post-Trespasser, Evelyn's Unhappy Ending, Blood Magic, Depression, Cullen is saving Templars, But can he save her?, This is actually turning pretty fluffy, I REGRET NOTHING, babies ever after
Summary: Evelyn made sure everyone would have a happy ending, even if it was at the expense of her own.

Why I loved it: A post-Trespasser look at how the Inquisitor, depressed and in a really bad place gets out of it with Cullen's help. They never got together in the game-time period, so it's a getting together story too. It treats depression and addiction and disabilty as the life-changing events they can be, and is really about how to live and love yourself and each other and keep moving on. It's got a lot of warnings, but it doesn't dwell, and the self-harm is the one that's most graphic.

Also, I'm going to be petty and anti-rec everything written by CES479 because despite the popularity of her stories they are everything that I hate about how some romance relationships are developed - two people at odds in a very destructive way that in the real world would end in divorce after 6 months. I've been thinking about this a lot recently because her Inquisitor strikes me as an actual Mary Sue, as in what people mean when they deride the Female OC - she's snarky, always right, etc, and while a lot of that won't bother me if it's well written and the character feels like a person, here what I see as appalling behavior doesn't get punished in the narrative. I think at it's heart what I hate about how she writes the romance is the disrespect between the OC Inquisitor and Cullen. The OC is treating him horribly, why would he like her - except he does and then I lose respect for Cullen, and nope out of the story.

Maybe it's because with my recent marriage, working together to plan the damn wedding, and reading and thinking a lot about how and why relationships work, but I can't stand when a relationship is supposed to be romantic because one person just can't help but love the other, even though the other is terrible. I think the author has some awareness of this, since she had a second story basically set after they broke up about them getting back together, which is how I started reading her stuff in the first place, but even that felt forced and like it was ignoring all the reasons they broke up in the first place.

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 07:20 pm
Oh my god. Apparently all I need is a little validation and you get this. You're welcome. There may be more. I'll probably never finish an epic length arc, but there might be some mini arcs.

The Inquisition Job 1/?
Leverage/Dragon Age Inquisition
based on this
by Tassos
Rating Teen
Characters: Parker, Hardison, Eliot
Words: 1636
currently only posted to DW

Hardison stared up at the sky that had two moons in it. He stared up at the two moons and figured he must have hit his head and was seeing double, but then no, why were they in different parts of the sky in different phases that didn't make sense, and oh, yeah, Two. Moons.

"Why are there two moons in the sky?" he asked the world in general, and Parker and Eliot in particular in a nice even tone of voice. He was cool. Totally cool. Except for the way his heart was hammering, his back was throbbing, and he could feel the panic coming on like an old friend who knows when to show up in a bad situation.

"I don't know. Why aren't we in an office building? Hardison, get off me," Eliot said from somewhere near Hardison's kidney. He rolled, Eliot shoved. They ended up more tangled up before they straightened out, and ow. The ground was fucking hard.

"Uh, guys?" Parker was already on her feet, crouched nearby. Except for the paleness of her face and the wisps of hair that weren't caught up under her black beanie she was a shadow in the night. A shadow with green overtones.

Hardison looked up to where she was pointing at the big swirly green clouds directly above them.

"I don't like the look of that," she said.

in which our OT3 fall through a hole in the sky )
Saturday, July 8th, 2017 08:40 pm
So. Parker, Eliot, and Hardison fall through a rift. If I was going to write a Dragon Age crossover/modern people fall into Thedas story, that's the one I'd write.

They fall through in the middle of job that they're working in the middle of the night, so they're dressed all in black. The first thing that freaks Hardison out are the two moons in the sky, and the second thing that has Eliot get them moving and hiding is the clank clank of armor from the scouts watching the Breach that came to investigate its activity from when they fell through, and the third thing that gets Parker excited is that they have swords! cool! She of course knows how to fight with a sword because Archie taught her for fun. Eliot of course knows how to fight with a sword because it's not that different from a machete and he has a fondness for all bladed weapons. Hardison of course doesn't know how to fight with a sword but he's held a decent replica before, but he's the one how picks up on where they are first -

"Oh shit. We're in Thedas. It's Dragon Age. Damn, I should have played that game."

"You mean there's a video game you haven't played?"

"You know how many video games are out there, man? You know how many hours in the day I spend putting together briefs and fixing our comms-"

"I know how many hours you spend with your orc friends," Eliot said.

"That's right. Because, I'm loyal to the Horde and I don't cheat with other games."

"You totally should have cheated with other games," Parker said. This conversation happens in whispers in the shadows of some pretty big rocks and ruins that they've found themselves in. Fortunately, the ruins are big enough that the scouts, once they've seen the area under the green swirly thing in the sky is empty retreat back to their camp. Parker, Eliot, and Hardison eventually follow them, and quietly lift some uniforms and swords and high tail it down the mountain to Haven.

Once there, through a wonderful show of "We're new, where should we bunk?" "Did the Commander send you?" "Of course the Commander sent us? Why wouldn't he send us?" "Just tell us where we should bunk, we just got off our first shift and Hardison here nearly shit his pants."

And they get bunked in a crowed tent and the next morning they're pulled into formation with everyone else, and they end up sorted into the Inquisition's forces. Well, Eliot ends up in the army. Parker, after going on walkabout a couple times, ends up sneaking up on Leliana and getting herself a position with the scouts, and Hardison, after an hour spent wheezing and complaining fakes an injury and gets sent to the Chantry and the healers where he manages to talk himself into being Josephine's secretary.

They start out trying to figure out a way home, but then they hear about the Herald and the threat to the world, and in the corner of the tent they still share, sleeping in a cozy heap to "keep Parker warm" they decide that hey, helping people is what they do you know, and as long as Hardison can get clean every couple days, maybe they should stick around for a little bit. See where they're needed.

Of course, Eliot gets promoted to Lieutenant within a week and makes friends with Cullen who's a little younger but has seen just as much and is also trying to make himself right with the world. Leliana soon learns that the more secure the location the better Parker is going to handle it, and that despite her strangeness she can lead a squad on top of that. Hardison's light-hearted nature and sharp mind fit right in with Josephine's and when he makes sure that all the presentation details for a visit from nobility she'd so struggled to have acknowledged by her cobbled together staff have been taken care of, he earns his place as her right hand.

The Herald, when she gets back from the Hinterlands, is, as Parker says, adorable. So of course they stick around.
Saturday, July 8th, 2017 07:23 pm
I am obsessed with the stupidest Dragon Age trope, which is Modern Girl in Thedas, the classic Mary-Sue potential set up where a woman from Earth finds herself and love in her favorite video game, confounding and swearing and sometimes knowing what's going to happen next, whether she's the Inquisitor or not.

99 percent of the stories that exist with that trope or horrible, like, why-am-I-still-reading-this horrible. And yet. I keep seeking them out. The one I recced a few weeks ago, Ad Infinitum, is the really good example that proves it can be done. I know most of what I click on is going to be awful - I can tell from the summary it's going to be awful - and then I click anyway and read it anyway. The whole thing, or to wherever the WIP ends, and by the time I get there I inevitably hate the OC, roll my eyes at the rest of the characters and wonder why I just can't find the good ones. 

I say most of this with tongue in cheek, because I do have a fondness for Original Characters and the impulse to write self-insert or Mary Sues. They hit all the buttons I have with fish-out-of-water and crossovers (why do you think I write so many crossovers) but now I'm getting to the point where I'm wondering what kind of Modern Girl would I have travel to Thedas to fall in love with Cullen and I do not need any more fic ideas, thank you. Considering that DA fic tends toward the several hundred thousand words, and the last three long fic I started I haven't finished writing, I do not need another long project. I don't even have a proper idea for it, I just know I could write the one that I wanted to read.


You know how the kids these days say I'm "[fill in the blank] trash". Yeah. That feeling.

(And, um, if you have any good Dragon Age fic recs, whatever the genre, lemme know.)

Friday, July 7th, 2017 04:40 pm
Fourth of July weekend I made bagels! They were not as hard as I was expecting, and they came out tasting very good even though they were flattish and I couldn't get them to brown on top. I suspect that bagels are one of those things that mediocre goes a long way but making them perfect takes a special kind of effort.

The basic method is make the bagel dough, shape into bagel shape, cool them in the fridge (my recipe called for overnight but other recipes I've seen just need several hours), and then boil in water with baking soda and bake for 10-20 minutes.

I might try making these again.



I am still deep in Dragon Age fic, and read another spectacular WIP that I pretty much adore, and now I'm one of the fools subscribed to it.

Andraste's Witch (237814 words) by Mysdrym
Chapters: 72/?
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games)
Rating: E
Relationships: Cullen / Female Mage Inquisitor
Summary: When the Divine called for the Conclave to settle matters between the mages and templars, no one expected things to fall perfectly into place, but the sky tearing open and spitting demons every which way was a bit much. Add to that that the only survivor is a no-name woodlands apostate who, by all accounts, shouldn’t have even been present. Truly, the odds are against the newly formed Inquisition, and its mission to set the world right.

Why I love it: It's got a very original Inquisitor who is an apostate from the Wilds, very skittish, very distrustful, and along with her some excellent worldbuilding. It's got a great evolution of the story, which shows lots of between scenes, very little rehash, and is generally very well written with lots of character interactions that are delicious. It's bringing in DAII and DAO and other possible Inquisitor characters in delightful ways - M!Trevelyen shows up as a templar, F!Cadash joins the Inquisition anyway, Hawke, Alistair, and a number of other Origins characters are in play in different capacities. They don't dominate but they're great fun nuggets that add layers and depth. Cullen is written in a non-annoying way, as is the romance. I've gone through a lot of Cullen/Inquisitor fic recently, and this one is good and they don't suffer from Stupid Romance Plot Beats. It is instead a romance I'm invested in instead of rolling my eyes at.